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Apollo is a private academic tutoring service based in Fremont, CA. We offer customizable programs on the SAT and ACT as well as AP Tests and general subjects. We make it our primary mission to help students get accepted into a four year college. Therefore, aside from traditional courses, we also offer a counseling program that is totally dedicated to college application.

Our team are not just paid tutors, we're mentors, dedicated to helping students. Apollo prioritizes finding people who connect and understand youths above all else in order to provide our students with the encouragements and counselling they need. We understand that every student is different. So, at Apollo, personalization is key. We keep our teaching model open and flexible. Students can learn 1:1 with our tutors for immediate homework help, 2:1 for test-prep purposes, or even in study groups and seminars.

Our mission and purpose is not just solely college admission (although it is what we focus on), it is also to educate students about work ethics and teach them the motivation and deliberation neccessary for their academic career. In general, we prepare them to earn their place in life in the most proactive way possible.

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A Little Sample Of Devotion

Gwen Nguyen

Apollo Founder and Tutor

Ms. Nguyen is a UC Berkeley graduate, majoring in mathematics and data science. She started directing her passion for math into teaching a few years after her graduation. Thus came Apollo, which she founded with the hope to aid young scholars in the pursuit for knowledge and passion.

"My students remind me of what it was like to dream fearlessly. I have always had the luxury of amazing mentorships. So, for what my effort is worth, I wish to guide them to their passion and sucess in life the way my teachers guided me."

What Do Our Students Have To Say?

Helen Y. ( parent)

Gwen had great suggestions and tailored the content. She was excellent!! She worked on specifics and had great strategies for test taking. I would highly recommend her.

Briana Gonzalez

I love Ms. Nguyen! She is so sweet and talented. Without her, I wouldn't be able to keep up with school and run track at the same time.

Alex Nguyen

I raised my SAT by 400 points at Apollo in just 2 months!

Jason Tran

Love this place! They really saved me last semester and brought my GPA up to 4.0!

Cordelia Edwards

I was flunking Chemistry because i was too focused on sports. Out of everyone's disbelief, I'm back at it with an A!

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