Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child needs tutoring?

No one should hold back when it comes to education. If you have a couple of extra free hours a day or find yourself in need of academic help, sign up for a tutor. Not just any tutor, though. Sign up for Apollo! We offer all there is to offer when it comes to tutoring:

  • Getting ready for a major test? Sign up our Test Prep Program
  • Falling behind in school or struggling with homework? I heard Apollo has a great GPA Booster Program
  • For smarty pants out there who want a challenge or training for a contest? Let us know and you'll get proper courses to fit your talents.
  • Graduating students getting ready for college, we can help you with your essay and application with our College Application Program.

How does Apollo select their tutors?

Apollo interviews, tests, and runs background check with all of our tutors. We only select the best out of the best and provide extensive training before letting them work with your children.

How much time does my child need to spend with a tutor to show improvement?

Every student has different learning skills and styles, thus their learning paces also vary.

Our difference is that we provide personalized study plans with realistic goals and specific schedules and 100% guaranteed improvement.

How does the referral program work?

First and foremost, thank you for trusting Apollo. We love referral. For every student who signs up with by your referral, your child will get an extra 10-hour tutoring with us.

What is Apollo's teaching method?

  • We tailor detailed study plans that focus on providing help and counselling beyond basic instructional sessions
  • For GPA Booster, we schedule either one or two tutoring sessions a week based on each student's syllabus as well as availability. Plus, our tutors would also provide practice/mock tests to evaluate and prepare students for their quizzes/exams upon request.
  • For Standardized Tests like SAT/ACT, unlike big tutoring corporation using one-size-fit-all approach, Apollo diagnose each student strengths and weaknesses to plan the tutoring sessions in the most efficient way so your students can achieve the target score within the shortest amount of time.

Where do you tutor at?

Apollo physical center is coming soon. At the moment, tutoring can be conducted online, at your home, or local library, bookstore, college campus or coffee shop.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept payment in cash, check, Debit/Credit Card, and Money Order. We do offer monthly payment plan with no interest.

Other Questions?

Please reach out to us via phone 510.999.8860 or email

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