For those of you that, like me, can’t pull your score up no matter how hard you try, how many practice tests you do, and how many times, when your score drops, you consider quitting everything, I have a tip for you. Those Kaplan and Barron’s books might help you, but guess what: they’re boring. The SAT Reading Section, unlike the other 3, is significantly harder to distillate into a fixed formula. Your performance in this section goes hand in hand with your mastery over language as well as your comprehensive reading skills, which is very hard to polish if you only focus solely on test-based passages that you more than likely have little to no interest to. An arguably more efficient and definitely more fun way to practice is to read a book.

By: Alex Nguyen

Posted At: 2018-01-03 11:05:29


My approach to SAT Math sections (with and without Calculator)

You have a little more than a minute to answer each question. Remember, there is no penalty for guessing, so do not leave any blanks, even if it’s not a multiple choice question. There are some questions that are super easy that you can answer in a few seconds. These are usually the first 10 questions on SAT No Calculator section and first 15 questions on the SAT Calculator one. Then there are those that may take a little more time, for example, a super long equation or word problem ‘essay.’ There may even be a problem that simply eludes understanding or for which you remember the formula. Nothing to stress about—it happens.

By: Gwen Nguyen

Posted At: 2017-11-29 00:34:28


How Can Private Tutoring Help Your Children

Is he/she finding SAT challenging and dreading the sections in ACT? Preparing for SAT, ACT and admission tests and or keeping up with schoolwork at the same time can be overwhelming for students. With multiple questions from different fields, it can become quite difficult to master every subject for a student who does not have a detailed plan in place. At Apollo Tutoring, we provide your child with dedicated test prep tutors who have extensive experience and knowledge to help your child score higher on these exams. We create a fully-tailored lesson plan for your child that does not only cover important information but also instills in him/her invaluable test-taking skills that can help him ace any tests.

By: Gwen Nguyen

Posted At: 2017-11-06 20:19:01


Where Do I Even Start With My Personal Statement?

Not to add to your stress, but your personal statement is one of the most important factors in your college application that will ultimately lead to them either accepting or denying you. Before you freak out, though, let’s take a few minutes to brainstorm because you will definitely be able to come up with a powerful topic to write your statement on. In addition to your GPA and SAT/ACT score, colleges will put their eyes on your personal statement to determine if they think your personality and background is a good fit for their school. Your personal statement doesn’t necessarily have to tie into your career choice, although a lot of students have a powerful experience to share that intertwines with their degree choice. If that’s not the case with you, don’t worry! We’ll be able to think of a variety of other things to come up with a strong personal statement and get you into the college you want. Your personal statement needs to be written by you. It needs to reflect who you are, and the topic needs to be something that has really stuck with you in your life. It maybe happened years ago or perhaps it’s more recent, but it needs to be one specific experience. Hopefully you can think back to any language arts or creative writing classes you took in high school because they’re going to come in handy! The biggest problem everyone faces with writing their statement, though, is deciding what to write about. You’ll be able to figure out the structure and style once you have this in your mind, but you can’t start writing until you’ve decided on a topic. Here’s some advice: • Pick 3 different experiences. • Commit to writing a standard length, 650-word statement on each and then have your friends and family give their input on which one they like best. • Tally the votes for the best results. But, you might be thinking: “I can’t even come up with one thing, how can I come up with three?!” Here’s the answer: Think of a turning point in your life.

By: Gwen Nguyen

Posted At: 2017-10-28 10:39:07


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