Dream Big

Getting into College

Apollo mentors are qualified sucessful college graduates, commited to helping others getting ready for their dream college. We'll teach you the skills needed to compile a perfect college application and write a perfect essay that'll catapult you into your institution of choice. COMPLETE APPLICATION PROCESS

This program will provide students with all the skillsets and preparation for college. Mentors will help edit students' essays, help craft a college resume and train them for interviews.

  • Help students brainstorm essay ideas
  • Coach them through the process of their application, including interview skills.
  • Review and refine all aspects of college application prior to submission.

Surviving College

The challenge doesn't stop at getting into college; it starts there. Entering this program will get you a free counseling session from one of our mentors on the challenges of college life.

Transitioning into college, I had a rough time keeping up to the work and obstacles both socially and academically. The experience was vastly different than that from high school, meaning more work and harder courses. Also, life quality is also an aspect to be taken into account. I wish I had more advices coming in - Gwen Nguyen, Apollo Founder

  • Explore student's academic interest and extracurricular efforts.
  • Develop action plan to help students prioritize courses and activities to make the best use of their remaining pre-college years and enhance their maximum potential.
  • Help students develop a better idea of the college experience as a whole

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