For those of you that, like me, can’t pull your score up no matter how hard you try, how many practice tests you do, and how many times, when your score drops, you consider quitting everything, I have a tip for you.
Those Kaplan and Barron’s books might help you, but guess what: they’re boring. The SAT Reading Section, unlike the other 3, is significantly harder to distillate into a fixed formula. Your performance in this section goes hand in hand with your mastery over language as well as your comprehensive reading skills, which is very hard to polish if you only focus solely on test-based passages that you more than likely have little to no interest to. An arguably more efficient and definitely more fun way to practice is to read a book.

Any book would do. It doesn’t matter what genre, or how long, or even if it’s a book or not. JUST READ. When you read, try to pay attention to pace and comprehension and imagine the material as an SAT passage. It helps to read from authors that are prone to using complicated grammars and vocabulary so as to toughen up your skills for whatever they might throw at you. Also, although unlikely, authors do make mistakes in their works, and trying to catch them can be both fun and constructive.
Believe me or not, I’m only speaking from experience. I’ve always been inclined to math and science and always find myself having troubles with language. Thus, books were never my thing. That was until last year, when I decided to try out the Harry Potter series and got fully indoctrinated into the fandom. J.K Rowling introduced me to the world of novels, in which I now indulge and explore. I soon after ventured out of my beloved series to other authors like Rick Riordan and Neil Gaiman. I could see myself both improving and getting more comfortable with every book I read.

So if you feel frustrated and helpless about your score hitting a horizontal asymptote (get it?), take a different approach: pick up reading.

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Posted on: 2018-01-03 11:05:29

Posted by: Alex Nguyen

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