How Can Private Tutoring Help Your Children

Is your child preparing for his or her midterms and finals?

Is he/she finding SAT challenging and dreading the sections in ACT?

Preparing for SAT, ACT and admission tests and or keeping up with schoolwork at the same time can be overwhelming for students. With multiple questions from different fields, it can become quite difficult to master every subject for a student who does not have a detailed plan in place.

At Apollo Tutoring, we provide your child with dedicated test prep tutors who have extensive experience and knowledge to help your child score higher on these exams. We create a fully-tailored lesson plan for your child that does not only cover important information but also instills in him/her invaluable test-taking skills that can help him ace any tests.

How can Apollo Tutoring Help?

Majority of the high school students preparing for college admission dread the Reading, Writing, English and Math sections in ACT and SAT, since they deal with complex concepts and require an extremely high degree of reasoning and critical thinking skills, especially the Math section in both SAT and ACT that cover concepts that students study in their high school, including Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, and Trigonometry.

But most students have hardly a few months to prepare for the exam and it is very hard for them to cover all subjects and their concepts on their own. Your child may either get questions on the test on basic Math and English topics that he or she hasn’t reviewed since their ninth grade or questions that deal with even more difficult concepts that he/she never studied before. Considering the numerous concepts and subjects covered on SAT and ACT tests, it is understandable that many students, including those who score well on their school exam, struggle with these tests if they prepare on their own.

This is why at Apollo Tutoring we focus on one-on-one tutoring, ideally suited for students who want to overcome difficult section of ACT and SAT. Our tutors understand the needs of your child and create a customized course of study that is tailored to address his/her unique strengths and weaknesses in all sections.

Apollo provides tutoring programs comprising of one-on-one tutoring sessions, detailed instruction, preparation and thorough review of all disciplines that are tested on SAT and ACT. We focus our attention on those areas where your child needs the most improvement.

Why choose Apollo Tutoring for your Child?

Apollo Tutoring is a provider of professional in-home private tutoring. It focused on the needs and requirements of K12 students who want ace college admission tests or bump up their GPAs. We create personalized Study Plans for each student that comprises of school-subject homework help and test preparation of PSAT/SAT/ACT, ISSE, SAT Subjects.
Apollo Tutoring offers in-home tutoring that enables your child to:

Learn and practice problem-solving strategies for multiple-choice questions like those in the SAT and ACT Math, English, Reading and Writing section.
Learn quick ways to double-check work.
Learn time-saving tips to arrive at the right answer faster.
Review the most frequently tested concepts on SAT and ACT from a variety of math disciplines.
And that’s not all. Apollo Tutoring also provides one-on-one college admissions counseling where we help your child with his college application and personal statement through our dedicated expert. We also provide your child full assistance with homework in all subjects as well.

Give Your Child The Confidence To Do Well On SAT & ACT With Apollo Tutoring Today! Visit us at Apollo Tutoring or email us via

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Posted on: 2017-11-06 20:19:01

Posted by: Gwen Nguyen

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How Can Private Tutoring Help Your Children

Posted on: 2017-11-06 20:19:01

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